List of products by brand Xocoi

Xocoi not only focuses on creating trendy and unconventional footwear, but also cares about being a super sustainable and eco-friendly brand. Since its founding in March 2021, it has set the goal of using climate and environmentally friendly materials in the production of its shoes, such as plant-based materials, biotechnologies and other recyclable and eco-friendly materials. 

For their first collection, Xocoi has used thermoplastic polyurethane, a material that reduces waste and carbon footprint without compromising quality and performance, demonstrating their commitment to sustainability. In addition, they are working on including recycled materials in their products to further reduce their environmental impact.

The value of "sustainable beauty" is a value that the brand seeks to share and preserve for future generations. In short, Xocoi is a brand that not only cares about creating innovative and high quality footwear, but is also committed to sustainability and caring for the environment.

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