4CCCCEES Mellow Vita Tan Sandal


Designed for everyday wear, this 4CCCCEES Mellow Vita Tan Sandal is crafted with fully adjustable padded tubular straps for a contemporary twist on a footwear staple. The two tubes are joined with colorful cowhide pieces for a playful touch.

The tan color mixes different shades of brown and has gold and dark blue accents. They are great for a hot summer day, for a stroll or even if you have a slightly more formal lunch or dinner.

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4CCCCEES Mellow Vita Tan Sandal

Mellow's sole is divided into two parts, the bottom part is resilient and the top part is much softer than is typical in footwear, designed to collapse and absorb impact as you walk. It was the twisted nature of the material that inspired Mellow's unique wavy design.

This 4CCCCEES Mellow Vita Tan Sandal adapts to your feet thanks to its ergonomic technology. Its diamond-shaped cushioned sole offers additional support to the arch of the foot, providing a maximum comfort experience combined with a modern design.

It has an ultra-lightweight sole that makes the 4CCCCEES Mellow Vita Tan Sandal so comfortable. Despite its lightness, the impact of walking is absorbed and this guarantees a long-lasting shoe.

The leather of this 4CCCCEES Mellow Vita Tan Sandal has a tanning treatment that pollutes less than the usual tanning processes and results in a much more breathable leather. 

The 4CCCCEES Mellow Vita Tan Sandal not only embodies comfort and sustainability, but also redefines fashion by fusing cutting-edge design with ergonomic technology, offering a sublime example of how style can coexist harmoniously with respect for the planet and personal well-being.

5.5cm height

Leather upper

Comfort assured

Fits true to size


Data sheet

spring-summer 24



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